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November 2010



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Nov. 4th, 2010

(no subject)

 Well,after two years,second post! ^-^
Ah,university is driving me crazy.
Yep,now I'm a proud (?) university student!
I tried a Japanese majoring but well,some personal reasons made me change decision (like the suffocating feeling to travel by bus 4 hours inside mountains...brr.)..
So now I'm majoring in the Department of Music,inside the Classic Studies Faculty.
But...I think it will be the last faculty to begin this year...aish...
Well,probably I'm going to follow lessons for just two courses plus laboratories,but...
It's really annoying.I go there,and they know nothing.I call,and they know nothing,or don't even take the call.But,look,what a coincidence,lessons calendars,which were going to be publicated on the site,are gone.Mistery!
Ah,not really greedy to study,but anyway,I hope to not miss the first lesson of the subjects 'cause I don't want to run up and down from a side to the other side (and the Music Department is also divivded in two buildings!There is a pretty distance...and the subway is closed!So lucky...poor my feet,to run with heels... T_T ) to look for teachers to know the rights book to study on... T__T
But anyway,let's try to look to the positive sides (which is pretty difficoult ^^;)
Now I'm studying in the same faculty as my love does. *-*
Who knows who is going to major first?! Haha!
I've been studying classic music,he's been studying modern music.Let's see who's going to win! *-*
Hope to keep the idea on the final thesis.I've changed it already about 4/5 times,don't know if I'll change it again.
Hope not,'cause this time it should be perfect and quite "normal" for the teachers.I've said quite,not totally. *-*
Sometimes even my grandpa says I'm too old fashionated.
That's really... xDDDDD
But I'm going to reaveal too many things on the thesis!! 
I have the bad habit to start planning final exams years before.
The only one chosen a few weeks before,was the final one at the elementary school.
I can't help in choosing particular arguments.
I can't study things I don't like,I immediatly forget them. >_<
Writing about elementary school,as far as I know,me and my old classmates are taking all different studies...I'm the only one to take Classic Studies!!Our teacher will be happy! ^-^ In the end,I've fullfilled the promise I made her when I was 10 years old.
I was already happy with the Princess and singer/musician roles,but I promised her I would have studied to become a teacher like her.
Typical for a little girl?
That's true,but I've always regarded very higher my teacher,so I truly wanted to keep the promise.
Unfortunately,the biggest part of teachers I've had until now,were not so good,and distroyed my self-esteem,so,I changed idea...
But,I'm always taking Classic Studies!So...
Who knows,maybe I'll really became a teacher...a music teacher.
The only idea makes me shiver (in a bad way T_T) but most likely my parents,my parents-in-law will be extremely happy...as teachers themselves...
And my darling too.If I stay with kids,I won't be "in danger",right? ^^;;
Back then I thought I could not be patient enough,but right now,it's not a patience question.It's just that I would love too much those children,and they are not mine. T_T
But who knows,there's a lack of job nowadays...
Anyway,today is my birthday!!
20 useless years old !! XD
Here it's still night,but I bet in a few hours there'll be relatives to call all day long T_T
Last year I was at university,but now... ^^;;;
Right now,only two people wished me "happy birthday!"
Dad and darling.
Dad did it yesterday 'cause I'm not feeling very well and I could have slept all day long today (instead I've got a cough and I can't sleep T_T ) XD
My adorable little teddy bear (that it's not so little since he makes my efforts on buying the highest heels I find vain xD But we try to please each other,so,he's not at fault  ^-^ ) is,of course the other one. <3
Yep,we're like lice in heat.Always attached to each other. *-*
And my blood pressure is becoming higher because of him haha
Love him so much ^-^ *-* <3
I want a black shiny horse as a birthday present!!
But it's better not,or darling will become sad and jealous,and the same for the horse.
And epic battle in Lord of the Rings style is always good,but if he's not involved it's even better ^^;
Two weeks ago while working I saw a really really sweet horse.Ok,all horses are sweet to me,but this was especially like that.
He/her (I don't know,I don't have the habit of checking out,contrary of a friend of mine) was black,and shiny.
And was looking at me with those eyes.
Another bad habit: trying to find my love in everything;horses especially.
I had to go near.As long as I started to caress his/her snout,he/her came closer and we were shaking nose-to-nose.
I was so happy!
But...the grim reality made me remember I was working.Full of sadness,I left the about 5 minutes of happiness and returned to work.
But I will return for sure ^-^
I think I've written enough for today,so...Bye! ^-^

Apr. 1st, 2008

My first post! <3

Soooo...it's my first post here ^-^
Actually,I haven't still understood how to use LJ,but anyway XDDD
Here in Italy this year's spring is very odd O_O 
It's shiny,then raining O___O"
But I think I should introduce myself :)
My nickname is Venus,I'm the-worst-years-old,that is 17 XD
I'm Italian as you could've noticed  XP
I study languages and music *-*
And,I don't know what else XD
If you want,ask without any problem ^^
Summer is coming,together with mosquitos 
Anyway,I can't study  music today because I'm having problems with my feet >___<
But I have other musical subject to study,definetely more theorical...
*pretend to forget about it* 
Oh,according to you,is it normal to have an important exam and really not knowing about the day? XD
Yes,of course.Because I'm NOT normal. ò_ò
Ok,for today it's all X°D